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If you are a Songwriter, Composer, Artist or Band and you have talent and would like to submit your songs to us for air play, here is how to do it. Email us your songs in mp3 format along with your
  • Band or Artist name:
  • City, State/Province:
  • Country:
  • Contact e-mail address:
  • Genre:
  • Official Website:
  • Music Selling Website:
  • Facebook Website:
  • YouTube Video Links:
  • Attach Press Kit (If you have one)
  • And e-mail us at CLICK HERE to submit
All songs should be no more than 3 to 5 minutes long. If you are submitting more than one song we suggest you send them in a zip file.


Sincerely, Jack Cord and Kelly Keys OceanWaveRadio.com

*REMEMBER: The better the recording the better the chance of getting airplay.

Terms and Conditions:

All songs submitted will be reviewed for approval. We cannot promise that any or all your submissions will get air play. Only the ones that we feel have potential and fit with our format. The better the recording the better chance of getting air play. The more songs that you submit and are accepted the more air play you will get. We will accept almost any genre of music except gangster rap and heavy metal. All songs will be considered but please note upbeat positive songs will get preference. We also accept cover songs and instrumentals.


Any information supplied will be used only to direct the Music Business, Band Promoters, Music Stations or any listeners who may wish to contact you for a gig or to purchase your music. Oceanwaveradio.com will not contact you for the purpose of selling. We don’t want your money we want to hear your music and help promote your talent.

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